The Next Best Thing: Virtual Reality

The world is advancing, new technologies are being introduced, and everything is slowly turning to the world of technology. Something that has recently blown-up is virtual reality. It at this point is only used for the sole purpose of entertainment, however it has great potential to change the near future and how society will work.

I personally believe that new technology is great. if there is no innovation, are we really advancing towards the future or are just freezing time. Now that there is the research and the knowledge on how to make change, so why not use it to invent things that could be of benefit for the whole. And virtual reality has the ability to do just that.

Photo Credit: Yelp Inc. via Flickr cc

It may seem like an advanced toy now, but in the near future experts infer that virtual reality will be used almost everywhere. Here are some places virtual reality could take off.

  • In movie theaters – to give the audience an enhanced experience of the movie.
  • Travelling – you can go places, from your own home.
  • Amusement Parks – will add extra excitement over real-life experiences, like dragons and fairies on roller-coasters.
  • Help with training – put people in real situations so that they more educated about the field they are in.
  • Real Estate – used to gives buyers a more realistic view of houses.
  • Courtrooms – to give judges a better understanding of evidence and crime scenes.
  • Fashion – to give consumers a sense of how the clothing will look on them, without trying them on.

These are just a few sectors where Virtual Reality could be introduced, however I believe in the future it has the potential to do even more amazing things.

Now here is where the controversy comes in, I know many intellectuals out there are worried about virtual reality taking over actual reality. I am not in favor of that, I find it to be frightening. However I feel like virtual reality is going to change things for the better, I don’t think in our time it will be able to advance enough to take over actual reality.

In the comments down below, let me know what you think. Are you looking forward to the new innovations virtual reality will bring, or you worried of it taking over the reality we live in now?