An Audit of My Blog So Far

Since the beginning of March 2017, my Technology class and I took part in a worldwide Student Blogging Challenge. Every week we would have a specific topic to write a blog post on. So through the process I believe I learned many skills that helped me improve my blog and overall my way of writing on a digital platform. And now that the challenge has come to an end, the time has come for me to evaluate my blog and the progress I have made, since the beginning.

So in this time I have written 17 blog posts including this one, 10 of them being school related and set by the challenge, and the other 7 being free posts from my own interests. In this time period I have received 44 comments from teachers, classmates, and others from around the world. My post What is Success and What Determines It, and Global Issues: Women’s Rights both received 7 comments each, which is the most so far, I don’t think there is a specific reason for why that happened, but I assume they appealed to the readers a bit more than my other posts do.

Overall, writing all of my posts was truly a great experience for myself. I feel like as time passed, I learned to open up a bit more through my writing and appeal a bit more with the readers. And of course, learning of new strategies was everlasting, it just continued through it all.

With time, I changed my blog theme at least 5 times, changing the color scheme, the header image, my quote, and the overall theme as well. I also added a few widgets on the way, at the moment I have 7 including: Categories, Blog Stats, Calendar, Tag Cloud, a Search Bar, a Flag Counter, and a Blog Roll. I think the amount of widgets is just right, I feel all of them are pretty important, however a few more would be too much.

On my Blog Roll, I have one overseas blog, Katherine’s Blog, we’ve exchanged a few comments, and she also takes part in the Student Blogging Challenge.

And lastly the web tool I used to make my blog pleasing to the eye, was just WordPress and what it has to offer.

Now taking everything to account, my blogging experience in these few months has been great, and I think I’ll continue blogging once in a while. I’d like to thank the Student Blogging Challenge for making this possible!

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Connecting With Other Student Bloggers Around The World

For the Student Blogging Challenge Week 8 Activity, we were required to play a commenting game. So we connected with other students who are a part of the challenge. For the 3 blog posts I commented on, I found all 3 of them to be really relatable to myself.

The 1st post I comment on was Shahreen’s post on Bengali New Year:

Hi Shahreen, I’m glad to say we have something in common! I am also from the beautiful country of Bangladesh. Even though I have been living in Canada all my life, through my parents I have inherited our culture and traditions. I’ve been to Bangladesh twice in lifetime, and always had so much fun. Pohela Boishakh in particular is probably my favorite, and just recently the Bangladeshi community in the city I live in had a huge celebration for the Bengali New Year, and I had the honor of hosting the event! I love your post, and it most certainly got me excited when I found it!

I commented on her post because when I found out we had the same nationality, I automatically loved the post! Especially the fact that the specific celebration she was talking about was one of my favorites, and one that I just recently celebrated with the Bengali community where I live.

The 2nd post I commented on was Mohamed’s post on Arab Cultures:

Hi Mohamed, I really loved your post! I came across it through the Student Blogging Challenge. I am also Muslim, and am very proud to be a part of the religion of Peace. I also go to an Islamic school in Canada, so I am exposed to the Arabian culture a lot, even though I am from Bangladesh. A lot of the teachers at my school are Arab, and teach us the language of Arabic. For our school uniform we have to wear the abaya, and a white head-scarf. Which is why your well-written post really appealed to me!

I commented on his post, because a lot of the things he talked about were things that I encounter in my daily life, as I may not be Arab, but have friends and teachers who are. At my Islamic school, we also have a dress code that matches what he described in his post.

The 3rd and most final post I commented on was Sabrina’s post on Her Passion of becoming a Pediatrician:

Hi Sabrina, I came across your post through the Student Blogging Challenge, and it really appealed to me because a little while back I also wanted to be a Pediatrician. I always loved working with kids and wanted to be a teacher as my mother also works at a daycare, and I helped her with working on her projects and assignments for the classes she had to take, but then again my parents always wished for me to go into the medical field. So then I thought long and hard, and realized that becoming a Pediatrician was working with kids and also being a doctor. I told everyone I wanted to be one, but just recently I started liking Politics, so I changed my mind. However becoming a Pediatrician will always remain to be an option for me! Really great post, I can’t wait to read more from you!

I commented on Sabrina’s very insightful post, because we have too much in common! Really recently, I was literally determined to pursue the career of a Pediatrician. And her reasons why she wants to become one were really similar to mine. Which is why I couldn’t stop myself from commenting!


Why People of the Present Should Study Events that Encompass the Past

Indeed, it is true that history has repeated itself several times, and human beings tend to make similar mistakes to what their past generations had made. Which is why it is so crucial to have knowledge of past events that had occurred, in order to avoid making such errors again. And it is unquestionable that the past, present, and future are interdependent. Thus, what had taken place in former times will have an impact on the present, and therefore what occurs now will do the same for the future.

A justification for exploring and attempting to comprehend historical events is that, by doing so, it assists us in understanding our present day events, and guides us when it comes to finding solutions to the crises we face in our time. History is like any manual or guidebook that comes with any equipment we purchase, such as house-hold appliances, without them we are completely oblivious as to what to do and how to do it. History remains to be a reminder for all people and gives us guidelines on how to run society and interact with others.

Overall, history may not seem as important to us, however, we do not always realize that history is what makes up our today and how it has an affect on how everything works and why things happen. Whenever we are in need of an answer to why something takes place, we are always lead back to the past and only then do we find our answers. Studying history gifts one the ability to critically think about political, economical, any other type of situations for that matter. It makes one a more informed and concerned citizen, who can predict and infer future occurrences from what they know about the past, and act on those inferences.

All in all, studying history and having knowledge on important past events, are major tools to have in order to be enlightened and sophisticated beings of your time. Which is why we should be grateful for the excessively difficult Social Studies or History classes we took, are currently taking, or will take, as they change our ways of thinking, without us noticing it. 

Comment down below, what your opinion is: Is history important to have knowledge of, or should we leave the past in the past? Do you think school systems can make Social Studies or History classes more interesting for students, so that they can actually take something away from the classes? What has history taught you, and how do you see the present events differently due to what you know?

What is a Digital Footprint, and Why is it Important for us to be Aware.

I’d have to admit, like many others around the world, I’m always on the internet and literally excessively dependent on it. I’m constantly using my various social media accounts, searching things up on Google, and logging into different websites. And what’s most scary about that is that most of time, I’m unaware. Unaware about the terms of services and privacy settings, because why bother reading through all that important information, that is an agreement giving the site a lot of my personal information. No doubt almost everyone just agrees with them, and goes one with their regular lives. I know I’m guilty of it.

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For those of you who are completely unaware on this topic, allow me to briefly explain. Every time we log into a website, post a picture or a status on a social media site, send a message to a friend, or search something up on a search engine, we leave a mark that states that we were there. What we do, what we say, where we are, can all be seen by people around the world. Complete strangers, people who you don’t know a single thing about, can find out about the last restaurant you were at, where you’re going on vacation this summer, even where you live. And most of this information can be found by simply searching up your name on any search engine. And this digital footprint that we leave behind, is all of our doings, we have the control in our possession of whether we want it to be positive or negative.

In this day in age, especially for teenagers, having control over our digital footprints is a lot more difficult than one may imagine. Because a lot of it is no longer under that particular person’s control. Friends, family, acquaintances, even strangers, all have a way of affecting our footprint. Which is why it is so important to make sure that you are surrounding yourself with people who you can trust and blocking those who are potentially harmful for your footprint. It indeed is quite difficult to keep out all of the negativity, but really it is in your hands to create the safe environment for yourself online.

Now, I chose to search myself up on Google and see what content would pop up. Since my name probably doesn’t belong to anyone else out there, a lot of the stuff that came up, were indeed mine. First off, my blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram accounts and the sort came up. Which are all pretty positive accounts of mine. And then local news articles that featured my name, as well as some of the extra-curricular activities that I have participated in were also brought up. Which I am pretty proud of. One thing that did come up, that was kind of embarrassing, but not something that is a mark on my reputation was, well pictures from my Grade 6 class blog. The pictures are just candid moments of when my classmates and I worked on various activities in class, most of them are just from a long time ago, so they’re kind of cringe-worthy. But other than that, fortunately everything that came up were mostly of my favor, and I would not be ashamed to show my family members, including my grandparents.


Global Issues: Women’s Rights

I’m thinking about starting a blog series like Eeman’s stories, however, mine aren’t going to be chapters for a story, but rather posts on different global issues that our world is facing today. So today, I’m going to start with women’s rights.

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I’ve always had a strong pull towards feminism and fighting for women’s rights. I’ve always been proud of being a female Muslim in a western society. And was always very protective when it came to women, and I guess I consider myself a women’s rights activist who just hasn’t been noticed yet.

Our society is facing such a huge issue, and for some odd reason, we just give a blind eye to it. I honestly want to get straight to the point. Yes, it’s true the world has evolved and women are slowly climbing up the stairs towards equality. Yes, women are in the workforce, are receiving education, and can vote. We have people like Malala Yousefzai, Hillary Clinton, Emma Watson, Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie and so much more who are working hard to shatter the glass ceiling. Yet the problem still exists. Let me explain.

Women don’t only live in first world countries. There are still many women out there in third-world countries, who aren’t even aware of the rights they deserve. What about them? I don’t know about others, but I personally find myself to be very concerned for them.

In their societies, they’re looked as burdens from the moment they’re born, they are rushed into marriage at very young ages, have very little education, because they’re expected to stay home and clean, cook, and do everything for the male family members.

I have nothing against the opposite gender, of course, and don’t wish fro them to be lower than women either. All I think is needed, is the equality, no differences between men and women, no stereotypes. I want to see a future where a woman can go out and make a living, and a man can stay home and raise the children, without being judged by society.

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We’re slowly starting to see this in the western society, and people have no problem in accepting it. Yet for some reason, third-world countries are still living with their old customs and ways. I understand this is their cultures and way of living, it’s their societal rules, but what bothers me the most is the fact that, with all due respect to men, what is true is that women do the harder tasks,  they run the family, raise the children, and at the end of the day they receive the least amount of respect and appreciation.

I hope to see in the upcoming days, a society where women don’t have to fear men and the judgments of society. Where they can pursue the educations and careers they wish, where they can marry when they’re ready, have control over their lives, and receive the rights, respect, appreciation, and freedom that they deserve.

A Sentence Using Only Pictures

Here’s a sentence I made using only images, comment down below if you got it, and if not, try harder! 🙂

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Good Luck, let me know if you are having any trouble with figuring it out!