An Invention That Could Change Lives

I’m no inventor, but I have ideas that could potentially be inventions that have the ability to change the lives of people, even though I probably would never be able to execute them in reality. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

So recently I’ve started looking at most nutrition facts on the packaging of food, and I still kind of doubt the accuracy of them, and its really hard to estimate the amount for the servings you would normally eat, which would obviously be a portion of what is in the packaging, not all of it.

CCO Public Domain Image via Pixabay

There really is no way of being sure of what is actually in what you’re eating, which could be a struggle for those who are very health conscious. And it can be difficult to sit there and calculate how much calories you’re taking in, which probably scares some people away from being healthier. And not everyone eats everything from stuff that is in packaging, how do you calculate the calories in the meal your mom just cooked?

So get this, I’m thinking why not have a phone app that can scan your food and tell you exactly how many calories and other nutrition facts you have in that amount of food, not more nor less. Leave all the calculating for technology to do. How will this change the lives of people, you ask? Well for those who wish to put an effort into living healthy, I believe will never have to look back at manually calculating calories no more. And no, I do not know if this will ever be possible.


Commenting – Do’s and Dont’s

     As you may be able to tell, I am quite new at this whole blogging thing, and I am learning new information everyday about what makes a good blog. Recently it has come to my knowledge that comments have their own way of bringing life to a blog. Which makes my blog, at the moment a bit dead. But that’s okay. Because it make sense, for it to take some time to reach a level of blogging, where there are enough readers to leave comments.

     One thing we should always remember, is the fact that when we’re commenting, we’re doing so on a public basis. Meaning that we should be careful when preaching our opinion, making sure that they don’t start feuds of comments on a post.

     But don’t let that stop you from commenting and getting your opinion out there. Because why miss out on all the benefits. Commenting on other blogs, bring new readers to your blog.

     Now, I’m not an expert, so don’t expect my advice to be the best. However do keep this in mind, I’m learning with you guys and hopefully what I have learned will be of benefit to you!

Here’s some tips you should consider when writing a comment:

Photo Credit: Flickr via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Flickr via Compfight cc
  • Try your best to motivate and inspire the blogger.

Even if you disagree with what the blogger has to say, try to put your words in a way that will get your opinion to them, but is still subtle. Compliment them, between sentences, so even if you say something that may not be of their liking, they won’t feel offended or hurt. What you really want is for the blogger to feel like writing that post was worth all the work.

  • Keep it short and sweet.

If your comment is longer than the blog post itself, in all likelihood people don’t have the time to read it. Keep it short and what you have to say will receive the value it deserves. But then again, don’t make it a three word comment. That doesn’t make much of an impact.

  • Make sure you know what you’re talking about.

If you don’t have background knowledge on the topic of the post, don’t comment. It only makes you look confused, and you don’t want that on a public forum like the internet.

  • Check your grammar and spelling.

A blogger puts a lot of time and effort in making sure their post meets the expectation of their readers. So the least the readers can do is give feedback in an educated way. Check your comment over before publishing it. Make sure there aren’t any foolish mistakes, because again it won’t make you look so good in the eyes of others.

  • Be perceptive.

Write a thoughtful comment, summing up all contents of the post. Add some things you liked about it, some things you didn’t agree with and why. Try to ask some constructive questions, to start a conversation with others.

Some things you may want to avoid, when commenting:

Photo Credit: C x 2 Flickr via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: C x 2 Flickr via Compfight cc
  • Being rude or offensive.

There’s a nice way of disagreeing with someone’s point of view on a topic. You really have to put yourself in the blogger’s shoes, and think about how you would feel if someone left a mean comment on a piece of writing you may have worked really hard on.

  • Being informal and unprofessional.

You don’t want to put off an impression that makes you look unprofessional. Remember that you’re not texting the blogger, but rather publishing a comment on an online blog, somewhere where almost everyone has access to. So just for that moment, leave the “luv, cuz, lol, and gr8” stuff aside.

  • Restating points from the post.

A comment repeating everything in the post, isn’t of benefit to anyone. If you have anything new to add on, that the blogger may have missed, go ahead and add it. But, don’t restate the points, we get it, you know how to summarize a passage. But doing so, may slightly annoy others.

  • Commenting late on a post.

Sorry, party’s over. Coming late to comment on a post, isn’t going to let you stand out. It probably won’t catch anyone’s eye, and you will miss out on the conversations. So you may aswell, comment on some other recent post.

How you should present yourself:

  • Use your real name, or at least one that isn’t spammy or just foolish. Please don’t use “greenmilkshake1567”or “ilovehamsters101”.
  • Make sure your profile, has accurate information like your e-mail address, so if someone wanted to contact you, they could do so with ease.
  • Set your profile image as  aprofessional, presentable image of you, or atleast a picture of something important to you. Just not a picture of something that doesn’t represent you, is what I’m trying to say.

One thing, you should all take with you after reading this post is that commenting may seem like it has too many difficult rules to follow, but once you try it, you won’t want to stop.

Check out the video I made on commenting using

Sincerely yours,