An Audit of My Blog So Far

Since the beginning of March 2017, my Technology class and I took part in a worldwide Student Blogging Challenge. Every week we would have a specific topic to write a blog post on. So through the process I believe I learned many skills that helped me improve my blog and overall my way of writing on a digital platform. And now that the challenge has come to an end, the time has come for me to evaluate my blog and the progress I have made, since the beginning.

So in this time I have written 17 blog posts including this one, 10 of them being school related and set by the challenge, and the other 7 being free posts from my own interests. In this time period I have received 44 comments from teachers, classmates, and others from around the world. My post What is Success and What Determines It, and Global Issues: Women’s Rights both received 7 comments each, which is the most so far, I don’t think there is a specific reason for why that happened, but I assume they appealed to the readers a bit more than my other posts do.

Overall, writing all of my posts was truly a great experience for myself. I feel like as time passed, I learned to open up a bit more through my writing and appeal a bit more with the readers. And of course, learning of new strategies was everlasting, it just continued through it all.

With time, I changed my blog theme at least 5 times, changing the color scheme, the header image, my quote, and the overall theme as well. I also added a few widgets on the way, at the moment I have 7 including: Categories, Blog Stats, Calendar, Tag Cloud, a Search Bar, a Flag Counter, and a Blog Roll. I think the amount of widgets is just right, I feel all of them are pretty important, however a few more would be too much.

On my Blog Roll, I have one overseas blog, Katherine’s Blog, we’ve exchanged a few comments, and she also takes part in the Student Blogging Challenge.

And lastly the web tool I used to make my blog pleasing to the eye, was just WordPress and what it has to offer.

Now taking everything to account, my blogging experience in these few months has been great, and I think I’ll continue blogging once in a while. I’d like to thank the Student Blogging Challenge for making this possible!

CCO Public Domain Image via Pixabay

One Reply to “An Audit of My Blog So Far”

  1. Great post! You have done a really good job of blogging this semester. I hope you have enjoyed it and will keep it up throughout the rest of high school.


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