Why People of the Present Should Study Events that Encompass the Past

Indeed, it is true that history has repeated itself several times, and human beings tend to make similar mistakes to what their past generations had made. Which is why it is so crucial to have knowledge of past events that had occurred, in order to avoid making such errors again. And it is unquestionable that the past, present, and future are interdependent. Thus, what had taken place in former times will have an impact on the present, and therefore what occurs now will do the same for the future.

A justification for exploring and attempting to comprehend historical events is that, by doing so, it assists us in understanding our present day events, and guides us when it comes to finding solutions to the crises we face in our time. History is like any manual or guidebook that comes with any equipment we purchase, such as house-hold appliances, without them we are completely oblivious as to what to do and how to do it. History remains to be a reminder for all people and gives us guidelines on how to run society and interact with others.

Overall, history may not seem as important to us, however, we do not always realize that history is what makes up our today and how it has an affect on how everything works and why things happen. Whenever we are in need of an answer to why something takes place, we are always lead back to the past and only then do we find our answers. Studying history gifts one the ability to critically think about political, economical, any other type of situations for that matter. It makes one a more informed and concerned citizen, who can predict and infer future occurrences from what they know about the past, and act on those inferences.

All in all, studying history and having knowledge on important past events, are major tools to have in order to be enlightened and sophisticated beings of your time. Which is why we should be grateful for the excessively difficult Social Studies or History classes we took, are currently taking, or will take, as they change our ways of thinking, without us noticing it. 

Comment down below, what your opinion is: Is history important to have knowledge of, or should we leave the past in the past? Do you think school systems can make Social Studies or History classes more interesting for students, so that they can actually take something away from the classes? What has history taught you, and how do you see the present events differently due to what you know?


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