Creating a Virtual Me!

     Hey everybody! I recently made an avatar of myself, using this very cool site called The avatar I created is currently set as my profile picture, on my blog. I find it quite cute, to have a cartoon version of myself as my profile picture.

     DoppelMe is a free website, that helps you create a great looking avatar, that you can use for your websites and social networks.

     As you can probably tell, my avatar is pretty basic, and well that’s who I am. Basic. I’m wearing a hijab, because being a Muslim girl, I choose to cover my hair, in order to be modest. It is part of my religion, meaning it’s a huge part of me.

     The second thing you may notice, about my avatar is that, my virtual self, is listening to music. And well, that probably speaks for itself. I love listening to music, and I listen to it all the time. Even when I’m doing my homework!

     Last thing that may catch your eye, is that my background seems to be a large city. I chose for it to be so, because I love big cities, especially ones with huge shopping malls.

     Now, a bit more about DoppelMe. It is pretty easy to register on it, all you have to do is choose a username, provide your e-mail address, gender, country, year of birth (which is optional), and lastly a verification of whether you’re a real person or not.

     Then, you’re given access to a variety of items and expressions to use on your avatar. For example, skin colour, eye colour, hair, eyewear, hats, tops, bottoms, shoes, extras, accessories, and backgrounds.

     In my experience with DoppelMe, I was faced with a few problems, that I think if recognized DoppelMe can improve on. First off, I feel like the skin tone options were a bit unrealistic, and some of the colours weren’t turning out how I wanted them to. Same goes for the eye colour options. Another thing that I found to be a bit difficult was that they send you a password, and you have to go to your e-mail in order to get it, and then you are able to sign in. I found that a bit time consuming.

     However, all cons aside, I would really advise you guys to try DoppelMe out and see for yourselves.

Down below, is the avatar I created of myself.

Avatar created with
Avatar created with

4 Replies to “Creating a Virtual Me!”

  1. I love how you separated your ideas into different paragraphs. Your organization makes it much easier to follow your post and understand it. I also liked your enthusiasm which is on display throughout the post. However, others might find it a little cringy. Overall, your website is well organized and contains many great articles.

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  2. Your post was visually appealing since you spaced it out into small paragraphs. I found your title engaging, and it made me want to know what you had to say. I also liked that you explained what DoppelMe is, and that you linked to it too. I noticed that you spelled DoppelMe wrong, but overall, your post was really nice.


    1. Ruuney, thank you so much for the compliments. I really appreciate it, and your words really inspire me to continue blogging. And yes, I noticed the spelling mistake after you pointed it out. I don’t know why, I imagined it to be spelled that way in my head. Thanks, once again.


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